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Kayenta Trail

Mountain of the Sun in Zion National Park

Trail Length: The actual trail length is 0.67 miles one way. So a bit over a mile round trip if you only stick to the trail called the Kayenta Trail

The Kayenta Trail is a connector trail that links the Emerald Pools region of Zion to the trailhead of Angels Landing.

Getting Here

The Kayenta Trail is in the main canyon of Zion. It is accessed from the Grotto trailhead or the Emerald Pools trailhead. During the regular season take the Zion shuttle up to one of these two trailheads. During the off-season drive up to Emerald Pools/Zion Lodge for the most reliable access.

Trail Description

The Kayenta Trail is a connector trail that links the Grotto to the Emerald Pools. It connects right where the upper and the middle pools trailhead begins. The trail itself is fairly flat for most of it as it follows the bench above the river. There is some moderate upclimb to get onto the bench when first starting, but overall not to bad. The trail does follow a cliff essentially the entire time making it a trail where you have to watch little kids constantly. It's a better adult trail.

Nathans Take

Photographically, I think this is one of your best bang-for-your-buck trails within the park. I like it a lot in that regard, but not much else. I don't really hike this trail anymore for anything other than photos. It is a nice hike if you are wanting good views of the park without a huge amount of hiking and upclimbing.

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