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About Me


Hi, thanks for dropping by!

Thanks for stopping by my project, Southern Utah Hiking. I once ran a website many years ago where I would write up trip reports on hikes and other adventures I had been on. This turned out to be fairly successful, but through time I moved away from it and moved onto other project. 

It's been five years since I last posted anything to that system, and with recent changes in my life, I think it is time to revitalize Southern Utah Hiking in a fresh new way. This includes new write up for trails and hikes, new images and the ability to purchase the images through my photography site, and the creating of digital trail guides and photography guides of southern Utah.

Speaking of Southern Utah, this project is Southern Utah Hiking. The website will focus on Southern Utah and the trail systems south of I-70 down to the state line border. I will include a few northern Arizona Hikes here as they are primarily accessed through Utah (for example, trails along the Arizona strip and possibly the north rim of the Grand Canyon.) Sorry Northern Utah, you will have to be someone else's project.  

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