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White Dome Nature Preserve Trails

A bear claw poppy in bloom. It has white flowers and a yellow center. the sun is setting behind the scene.


Trail Length- 0.5-3 miles. Length is up to you.

The White Dome Nature Preserve is a preserve on the south side of St. George. There are a series of loop trails that wander through the preserve. In general this area is not known for its views, but for the plant life, in particular the Dwarf Bear Claw Poppy.

Getting There:

The trailhead for all the trails is located on River Road on the south side of town. There is a designated parking area found on the east side of the road. It is large enough for well over a dozen cars. As the evening goes along it becomes a more popular area to hike especially in May when the poppies are blooming.

Trail Description

The trail system itself is actually not all that exciting. It consists of a series of loops that wrap around the park with each loop heading deeper into the preserve. In general the trails are not paved, sandy and can be a bit slippery for little kids (as mine found out and walked around with bandaids the entire evening.) The trails also have a tendency to be kind of hilly. Not super steep or very long but lots of ups and downs. Overall its a nice area to hike in in the evening if you are in St. George if you are wanting to get your body moving without having to travel far.

Nathan's Take:

The trail system is not why you come to this area, it's for the botany. This area was purchased and preserved for the sake of protecting a unique species of flower only found in this area. As the nature preserve clearly states, this area contains 95% of the habitat for the rare Dwarf Bear Claw Poppy plant. It is a pretty little flower that grows in bundles that can get quite large.

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