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Queens Garden Trail Bryce Canyon

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

The Queen is the hoodoo directly above my wifes head.


Distance: 1.8 miles

Elevation change- easily 300-500 ft. The beginning of the trail is very steep.

Queen's Garden is a good and simple way to be introduced to Bryce Canyon and the hoodoo trail system that makes up much of the park. This trail provides a bit of it all with good views, a bit of steep climbs, and a few iconic hoodoos of the park.

Getting There

Enter into Bryce Canyon National Park and travel to the Sunrise and Sunset Points. Park at Sunrise Point parking lot. Hike towards the rim and head south until you see Sunrise Point and the beginning of the Queens Garden Trail. Head down the trail form here.

Sunrise from the trail, shortly after descending down the hill.

Trail Description

The trail is steep to begin but the further down the trail you descend the more level it becomes. Overall the trail is kind of windy with a few big cliffs and drop-offs to worry about but overall quite pleasant. A few surprises can be found along the way including two tunnels where the trail cuts through the hoodoo's making for fun photographic spots for kids, couples and families. After hiking along the nearly 1.8 miles of trial, there is a sign that directs you to the Queen's Garden.

Tunnels along the path

The queen is actually a hoodoo. She kind of looks like she is riding some sort of sea creature and there is a sign posted to show you what to look for.

Nathan's Take

I like this hike and it's a good one for kids who are big enough. All kids have fun bouncing around and honestly so do most adults too. On my last trip to the area, we got pummeled by rain on our way out which made for a memorable experience though one I don't really want to recreate as I had tired, grumpy, wet kids by the end.

Other things to note, the hike sits around 7500ft of elevation. It can be quite difficult for those who are not use to such elevations and you will feel if once you begin hiking.


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