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Pa' rus Trail

Views of the Towers of the Virgin

Trail Length: 1.7 one way 3.4 round trip

Trail Type: paved and flat

The Pa'rus trail in Zion is one of the easiest trails in the entire park. It is a good way to introduce yourself to the scenes of the park and a great way to spend an evening or a sunrise resetting after a long day of travel. Overall the trail is flat, paved, and easy to wander down.

Getting There

The Pa' rus trail can be accessed from two sides. The first is from the visitor center. Walk past the bus stops and begin walking towards the campgrounds. You should see signs pointing to the Pa' rus trail around this point. Follow the signs until you are on the trail. The other way to access the trail is by driving up to canyon junction, find parking along the side of the road, and walk to the canyon junction bust stop. From here find the trail (it is behind the bus stop) and that is your start point (or endpoint depending on which way you came).

The Trail

The trail itself is more of a paved path that wanders the length of the canyon floor next to the Virgin River. It provides views of many of the front canyon's iconic mountains. In addition, this trail provides good opportunities to see wildlife as deer have a tendency to hang out here. There are also river access points along the trail, so watch for the signs that point you that way. This trail is kid-safe and wheelchair friendly. There are two or three bridge crossings on this path for your enjoyment.

Nathans Take

This is one of my favorite trails to wander at sunrise and sunset for picture taking and a great place to take kids. In the summer the Datura flowers (seen left here) bloom in the mornings so make sure to come by around June and July at sunrise to see them.

Though it's been a few months since I have been on this trail, generally speaking not much changes. If you are looking for another way to get to this trail, park at the human history museum and walk southwest (towards the front of the canyon), and follow the path that leads under the bridge and over to the trail. This allows for quick access to the middle portion of the trail. This shortcut is not wheelchair accessible.

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