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Gunlock Falls Trail


Trail Length- A few hundred feet. Maybe 0.25 miles max

Trail Type- Mix of maintained trail, sand and rock hopping.

Gunlock Falls is a scenic but ephemeral cascade of southwestern Utah. Most of the time the waterfalls are dry, but during spring run off on exceptional water years, the waterfalls can be quite dramatic and spectacular. 2023 for example.

Getting There:

Gunlock falls are located within Gunlock State Park on the backside of the Pine Valley Mountains in southwest Utah. Gunlock State Park is a reservoir for fishing a recreating. This trail is located near the outflow of the reservoir and is mostly overlooked until the waterfalls are running.

The parking for the short little hike is just before the main dam. You will see a wood fence and a parking area. There is a $10 dollar day use fee associated with this hike.

Trail Description:

The trail begins from the north side of the parking area. The beginning of the trail is maintained and is generally a steep gravel path to the bottom of the hill. The trail crosses a tiny stream on a tiny bridge, by a pay station, and then it climbs. Here the trail becomes sandy, and rocky and may not be suitable for some visitors. To get the best view of the falls you will need to climb about 100 ft in elevation and move around some slick rock.

Nathan Take:

Don't go here unless the waterfalls are going. Then come on by and enjoy it. There is a chance of swimming when the water is not flowing actively, but people have died here not being careful.



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